I've had over 1,000 hours of professional massage training. In addition to the bodywork, I love to play, tease and tantalize! I work out almost every day and enjoy taking care of myself. My hobbies include travel, dabbling in foreign language, reading (I love bio, true crime, adventure), and wine.

If you would like to relax with Hattim is the best luxury lady for you. You will be truly amazed.

"Best around and im down"


Speak privateProvides:, Kissing, Blowjob with Condom, BS - body slide, Cumshot on body (COB), Pearl Necklace, Light bondage, Handjob, Masturbation


Antwerp / Belgium
Hair color:
Eye Color:
138 cm / 4'6''
77 kg / 170 lbs
Meeting with:
both (man+woman)
please mister dont kick my ass
Favourite Lingerie:
Favourite Perfumes:
Profumi del Forte
chillin with friends. drinkin. meeting people




"Secret rendezvous"
"Get to know me"
170 Euro
"Let me seduce you"
270 Euro
"How about dinner"
430 Euro
"Getting more Pleasure"
540 Euro

Travel expenses included in the price within Belgium!


Escort Hattim Reviews

Ransier: 02.12.2018 in 13:03 from Belgium

Can I have her dress?

Cram: 30.11.2018 in 19:20 from Antwerp

Uggh. This is pretty damn stressful. I mean everything would be so perfect right now if she would just realize how good we are living and be happy. And you're right, I have to give up privacy and change our whole way of living just because she doesn't want to make new friends.

Lifeful: 05.12.2018 in 10:16 from La Louviere

Thanks for the honest reply. Yes, I understand why you or my bf might think that, but let me make something clear. I really love my bf and no other guy is more important or "takes precedence". We have an amazing connection and I try to spend as much time with him as I can and I would never do anything to hurt him. It's just that sometimes I've already made plans with Matt by the time he asks me to go out with him. And while my bf is definitely more important, my friends are important too and I wouldn't feel comfortable cancelling plans with them on a whim just because my bf wants me to. I'll usually propose another day to get together, but with our schedules it's difficult.

Manpack: 29.11.2018 in 15:28 from Belgium

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. He is 26, and I am 24. We both go to the same university, have a lot of things in common, our parents have met, and we do a lot of things together. All in all, everything has been great. There have been two instances where he did something he didn't like, so he told me he didn't like what I did, and we just talked about it without arguing. He has done one thing that I did not like too, so I told him how it made me feel, and we just talked about how we can fix it. Wherever something like this happens, we just talk things out and work it out. The point is that we never fight. One of my closest friends knows about this, and she mentioned that a relationship of two people who never fight is unhealthy. So, she said that what I have with my boyfriend must be unhealthy. I really do not see how. I understand that we have only been dating for a year and a half. To me, that's not a long time, and I know fights might come along one day. As of now, however, we have never fought. My question is: is a relationship like this one where two people do not fight really unhealthy? I would really appreciate your guys' opinion and/or advice. Thanks!

Gunwhale: 03.12.2018 in 08:50 from Belgium

hoh PK sea graffiti

Mops: 04.12.2018 in 23:51 from Mons

Shes the reason I made an account, just to favorite her

Jumps: 07.12.2018 in 04:23 from Gent

adorable perfection

Scalley: 03.12.2018 in 19:56 from Antwerp

I'm a single mama of two little kids. They are my entire world! I am a photographer and an Arbonne consultant and I love both! I have dreams of owning a small farm one day and living solely off of my.

Blowth: 30.11.2018 in 20:06 from Antwerp

This man seems so wonderful to me and my daughter. I so want to settle down and have a happy family and give my daughter a happy, comfortable home. Now I've got this in front of me and some decisions to make. I don't want to tell him everything I know right now, because if I do decide to give him a second chance, I want to be able to be sure that he's back to doing it all over again. I don't know him to know everything I know. I guess right now I'm thinking, I should set up a "R/T" thing with him and figure out a way to catch him in person. Just "happen to see his car there in the hotel parking lot" and then call and catch him a lie or somethiing. Then see if he stops. Am I just fooling myself though? Do they ever stop?

Curtalax: 27.11.2018 in 16:51 from Gent

what a doll...

Boldface: 29.11.2018 in 11:20 from Belgium

wow nice abs! super tummy fan

Whatley: 27.11.2018 in 23:51 from Mons

Is he playing mind games with me or is he just not romantically interested? despite how many times he does not repsond to my text, i normally respond just because i feel bad if i dont (except today). should i stop responding to him? I hate mind games and i dont know why guys play them, but should i and how should I procceed to beat him at his own game?

Cocobola: 05.12.2018 in 10:22 from Belgium

Awesome pose for a pretty girl. Its like a helicopter is taking her away. Fun pic.

Trester: 29.11.2018 in 07:18 from Antwerp

For me I notice men who appear unconventional, and have a friendly face, warm smile, kind eyes, most of all.

Mela: 30.11.2018 in 10:17 from Antwerp

beautiful blue eyes!

Exosphere: 06.12.2018 in 08:21 from Hasselt

But most people do not have that level of familiarity after two dates.

Melanie: 27.11.2018 in 22:58 from Antwerp

Love girls with cleft chins.

Marelli: 30.11.2018 in 17:01 from Antwerp

Damn.. Great tits



Hattim is available also for Limo Evening, Antwerp Spanking (give) or Swinger fester. For more information, please ask Hattim by sending a private message.


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